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May 24th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 10:33 pm

Jay has sprung a leak and Dave says goodbye to underwear for ever when they catch up. 

Jay and Dave discuss what they've been watching this past week. For Jay it's a slew of documentaries (some of which he pronounces incorrectly to Dave's delight). Dave re-watches Avatar: The Last Air Bender. 

In news Dave and Jay find out what James Cameron's favorite guilty pleasure movie is and discuss all the latest casting news coming out of the Mandalorian. 

Finally Jay and Dave do their top 5 Movie Speeches. They are some unconventional choices for sure. 

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May 19th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 1:07 am

Taking the week off. As a bonus, here is an episode from the defunct Star Wars show A Certain Point of View.

Dave discusses Star Wars Animation with Fuzzy Dan of the Shaken Not Nerd Podcast

Dave and Fuzzy discuss Star Wars animated series from Clone Wars (2003) up to Rebels. 

Thanks for checking this bonus episode out. 

Dave and Jay will return next week with an all new episode. 

May 12th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 10:00 pm

A very special episode. Jay takes a break as Dave and Tony (Take Too Podcast) discuss, review, and spoil the series finale of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Dave and Tony go through each episode of the finale and point out easter eggs and the echoes that the events of the finale will have on the rest of Star Wars yet to come.

Spoilers and Easter eggs (29:16).

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We catch up on what we've been watching this week. Jay watches the series finale of Homeland. Dave does some homework assigned through Patreon and watches My Hero Academia. Lauren watches After Life w/ Ricky Gervais. Dave and Lauren both discuss The Platform on Netflix and they all come together for a brief review of Extraction w/ Chris Hemsworth. 

Big news segment. Jay and Dave discuss Regal and AMC theaters refusal to show Universal Pictures films due to Troll: World Tour success. Star Wars hires two new directors for The Mandalorian season 2. Plus Taika Waititi, the future of Star Wars? 

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15 years ago Star Wars Ep III: Revenge of the Sith was released. Now Dave and Jay realize that they are starting to get old.

Jay and Dave discuss Revenge of the Sith, its legacy, how it holds up, and compare it to Rise of Skywalker and debate which is better. 

Dave also drops a few facts and behind the scenes info, as well as dissecting the mythology of Jedi and Sith and what ultimately led to the Jedi's downfall (Jay mostly nods his head through these bits). 

Of course! Being as this is a Movie Cocktail, there is a new original themed cocktail to go with Revenge of the Sith. 

'Fall to the Dark Side: A Revenge of the Sith 15th Anniversary Cocktail'

-2oz Acai Berry Liquor

-1oz Black Rum (We used Kraken)

-4oz Bai-Kula Watermelon Flavor

-1/2oz Grenadine

-2 Dashed Angostura Bitters

-1/4oz Lime Juice

*Shaken and poured into glass over ice. Include a lightsaber chop stick if you happen to have one*

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Lauren and Dave argue over watching TV shows without your significant other. Jay is getting depressed from social distancing and lack of lady time. 


Jay watched Waco, which was recently added to NETFLIX.

Dave and Lauren watch Angel Has Fallen on NETFLIX and briefly review Underwater. 

NEWS (32:16)

Chris Pine takes the reigns over from Val Kilmer in a The Saint reboot.

Sony greenlights a One Punch Man Movie 

Lionsgate is retuning the Hunger Games Well and making a prequel. Much like another young adult series over at WB

David Lynch is butt-hurt over the Dune remake

James Gunn says no more Guardians of the Galaxy movies for him

Batman gets a new and "spooky" release date

Netflix has more money than Disney?

Venom 2 gets its release date pushed (finally) but also gets a subtitle. What do we think of it? And could there have been a better title?


Dave and Jay take a retrospective look at Gladiator and talk why it still holds up 20 years later and some behind the scenes info. Plus Ridley Scott returns to the show with his glass of scotch and his hot, stinky, cigar breath. 

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Apr 18th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 11:20 pm

Jay and Dave go through this week's Question of the Week and listener Twitter responses. Jay shares what shows and he is wrapping up watching and Lauren and Dave discuss Coffee and Kareem on Netflix.

In this week's news Jay brings up the set photos from Dune and Dave talks about the updates on Thor Love and Thunder. Plus Sam Raimi confirms he is directing Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

Lauren and Dave review The Hunt and Trolls Word Tour.

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Apr 11th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 11:28 pm

Dave and Jay catch up after Jay has had several weeks off. Dave, Lauren, and Jay take a personality quiz that tells you which pop culture character you are most like because quarantine and boredom. 

Jay catches us up on what he's been watching. Dave and Lauren discuss Spencer Confidential and Break down WrestleMania. 

News: Quibi Launch, Theatrical releases on Disney+, Tiger King's sequel, and the new release dates for the MCU.

Finally Dave and Jay celebrate the 20th anniversary of High Fidelity and Lauren watches it for the first time. Dave and Lauren find lots of comparisons to Jay's love life.   

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Apr 5th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 10:44 pm

Dave and Lauren re-watch the Harry Potter series and Dave re-watches The Rise of Skywalker and has some updated opinions.

In news they discuss the future of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars given all we know. And does young Han Solo have any future in Star Wars?  

Sony also pushes all of their 2020 films to 2021 except Venom. 

This week Dave and Lauren review Big Time Adolescence with Pete Davidson on hulu, and also review Disney and Pixar's Onward, new to Disney+

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Mar 29th, 2020 by Super Movie Bros. at 4:56 pm

Due to Social Distancing, Jay is currently on hiatus from the show. Playing his role this week will be Dave's ever lovely, and patient, wife Lauren. 


Lauren and Dave discuss the Netflix docuseries 'Tiger King' and fail at conveying just how batshit insane it is. It is something that must be seen to be believed. 


-Big casting news for The Mandalorian season 2. 

-James Gunn is running out of toilet paper too, but he's found a hilarious solution. 

-Anya Taylor Joy playing Furiosa in a Mad Max spin-off? What does this mean for Charlize Theron? 


Dave and Lauren review the wacky and violent movie 'Guns Akimbo'.  

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