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April 21st, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 92: Rampage on MCU Phase 2


Jay goes on a middle aged Myrtle Beach trip and realizes he is too old to party. And has no more mojo with young ladies. 

Dave reviews The Rock's Rampage and questions how many helicopters crashes does it take for The Rock to tap out?

In news Jay can't find the words to describe his dislike of IT Chapter 2 casring updates, WB partners with Spielberg for Blackhawk, and Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey finds a director.

All new Indie Corner for I <3 Huckabees with a fake synopsis

All new craft beer reviews with a Guardians of the Galaxy drunk scene. Get you Blowfish hangover cure at and use code SMBFISH at checkout to recieve 15% off your order and never lose at the game of drink again.

Finally Dave is joined again by Wes (ViaVHS Podcast) and John (Now In Technicolor Podcast) for Phase 2 Marvel lightning round. Find out what they love and loathe in the MCU and what Wes' MySpace account is all about. 

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April 14th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 91: A Quiet Place for Fun: MCU Phase One


Jay has an awful experience as and extra in a movie. Dave's daughter has a head harder than Thor's Hammer. Sorry no new updates on Jay's love lfe.

Jay saw nothing, Dave briefly talks about Only The Brave with Josh Brolin and Miles Teller

Review for A Quiet Place, but Dave isn't so sure this film is as good as the rest world thinks it is. 

All new Trailer Park for Meg, Upgrade, and the final Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, now with at least double the wookies. Don't just get the origin of Han Solo, you get the origin of everything he wears too. 

All new Craft Beer Reviews and another MCU drunk scene, this one is a deleted scene. Deep cuts!

Dave is joined by Wes of Via VHS and John from Now In Technicolor for MCU Phase One lighting round discussion. Six movies, five minutes to discuss each. Good luck keeping up. 

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April 7th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 90: Fifty Shades of Ready Player One


Episode so huge Jay and Dave now have lower back problems. 

Jay goes on a date with surprising results. 

Dave and his wife have begun their MCU rewatch of all the films leading up to Avengers: Infinity War. 

Jay saw and indie, so Indie Corner is back with an all new fake synopsis for Marc Webb's 'The Only Living Boy in New York'

Dave and Jay both saw Ready Player One and they are here to review it in as spoiler free fashion as possible. Is Spielberg back? Or are his days of the big blockbuster films over? It's been 15 years since he has had a huge film like Ready Player One. How does it hold up?

Finally Jay and Dave have a few news stories on on FOX's X-Men universe and the huge delays on New Mutants and Dark Phoenix. 

Two new craft beers to review and another drunk scene, this one with Batman. 

Finally Jay and Dave watched all three of the Fifty Shades films and are baffled at how bad they are. But they were a Movie Homework assigned by Justin from So I Married a Movie Geek Podcast. We are sorry. 

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March 31st, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 89: Top 5 MCU Movies


Jay goes to the Atalantic City Beer and Music Feastival and drinks some beer, avoids playing games, and makes a few podcast connections. Dave has begun his MCU re-watch marathon in anticipation for Avengers Infinity War release at the end of April. 

The full trailer for Deadpool 2 has dropped, that means its time to get excited for a little DP (double penetration) of Deadpool over in an all new Trailer Park.

In news Dave brings up that the original Daredevil showrunner would like to make a Moon Knight Netflix season, and Dave sells Jay on this idea of the charcter, which is the closest this property will ever get to being on the screen. 

Meanwhile Jay shows his love for Steven Spielberg by blindly falling into his comments about streaming service films not being eligible for Oscars. Dave hardily disagrees and they discuss (Dave yells).

Special announcement from The Epic Film Guys Justin and Nick that you need to hear.

All new MCU themed drunk scene complete with 2 new craft beer reviews.

And finally, Dave and Jay discuss their personal Top 5 MCU movies. They also read all of your personal top 5 lists as well. Which will the #1 Marvel Cinematic Universe film?

Tune in next week for Ep 90: Shades of Movie Homework. 

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March 24th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 88: The Countdown to Annihilation


It was St. Patty's Day and Jay just got another year older.

Dave talks about an awesome Star Wars VR experience courtesy of The Void. 

Jay makes fun of Dave's non-existent NETFLIX watch list as Dave watches a zombie film on Shudder called 'It Stains the Sand Red.

Small Trailer Park for Avengers: Infinity War 2nd trailer. And Jay and Dave a far less impressed with this trailer for some very specific reasons

This week's drunk scene comes straight out of an Alex Garland film 'Ex Machina'. Jay implies Dave has a similar God complex to a character in the film. Two new craft beer reviews. Check out all our beer reviews on the UNTAPPD App. 

Finally Dave and Jay get to discuss and review the movie they both had on their top 5 most anticipated films of 2018 lists. Its beeen 2 weeks since Annihilation was released in the US in theaters and now the rest of the world gets it streaming on Netflix. Dave and Jay couldn't do it alone, so they invited an international guest all the way from the other side of the world in Perth AUS, Paul from The Countdown Movie & Television Reviews Podcast joins to discuss, review, and dissect this film. Listen as Dave tries to appear too smart, Jay attempts to explain, and Paul incites and instigates arguments about Annihilation.

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March 18th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 87: Vacation Blues, Alot of Reviews, and News


Welcome back. 

Dave recounts his California vacation including the discovery of Jay dopplegangers. Meanwhile, Jay rides out two winter storms in PA. Its been a while since we talked so there is a lot of what we have been watching in films to catch up on. Jay gives his impressions on Red Sparrow an is extremely excited by seeing Jennifer Lawrence nude. Dave watches two subtitled Netflix horror films Ravenous, and Veronica. One Dave is incredibly impressed with while the other one...not so much. Dave aso watched one of Jays favorite films from 2017, Wind River which is new to Netfilx this month and finds some serious things to like there. Dave and Jay both have watched Game Night and love it.

All new beeer reviews with the return of The Voodoo Ranger.

Its been a while since we discussed news and there were a few interesting things that have come out recently that we wanted to discuss.

The first is Jeffery Dean Morgan is interested in playing Thomas Wayne Batman in Flashpoint and we discuss what that could mean for JDM as well as how Flashpoint could improve the DCEU's current position.

Next we discuss Kristin Wiig's casting in Wonder Woman 2 and Jay is not excited about that prospect.

Todd McFarlane has a Spawn reboot in the mix, but the film will not be what people would expect. And it appears Spike Lee has been asked to direct. 

Finally along with Benioff and Weiss, Jon Favreau will have his own Star Wars TV show. We discuss the future of Star Wars on TV and how we as an audience will watch it on the Disney Streaming service due out in 2019. And ponder when will we be fully saturated with Star Wars content.

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March 10th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 86: Movie Cocktail: Super Mario Bros Movie (1993)


Full house this week as we do our monthly Movie Cocktail. 

A poll was ran an unfortunately because of Jay, and much to Dave's chagrin, Super Mario Bros. Movie won.

Dave, Jay, Marc (Cult Movie Cult), and Rob (The Fanfilm Boyz)attempt to make sense of the film that we got, versus the film it could've been, as well as all of things that this film almost was. 

We go balls deep inside the film and disscuss what life on the set was like, the aftermath of the film's boxoffice bomb, and what it meant for the future of the creators and other Nintendo property films. All done with some laughs and a lot of drinks.

Marc created this month's cocktail The Mario, Mario Mushroom Shot

-Salt the bottom of double shot glass

-1oz Coconut Rum

-1/2oz Vanillia Cream Soda (Clear)

-1/2 tbs Grenadine

-1/2 tbs Irish Cream 

Make sure to make the cocktail and enjoy before, after, or while you listen. 

Also follow Super Mcvie Bros. on Twitter @SuperMoviePod to vote for the film you want to win in our next Movie Cocktail ep. The next category is LOST IN SPACE. All films where humans are alone in space. The choices are

2001: A Space Odyssey 

Event Horizon 


and The Martian

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March 3rd, 2018    

SUper Movie Bros Ep 85: Akira & the Little Children


We learn more about Jay's job. Dave goes to a wedding. Is Jay too old to be hanging with 20 somethings? And is a face tattoo on a woman just a another bullseye? We discuss

Jay has seen Annihilation in preparation for the review coming at the film's international release. Dave revisits some 80's horror classics like Night of the Creeps and John Carpenter's The Fog and he has finally seen Coco...and cried like the little nancy he is.

A great drunk scen in the beer segment brought to you by Tarantino and the Basterds. With some not so great beers from Beach Haus Brewing out of Belmar NJ.

In Movie Homework Dave watches one of Jay's films surrounding a towns reaction to pedophile and torrid love affair called Little Children. Oh won't some one please think of the children. And Jay watches his first anime film ever with Akira, which he respects but does not find enjoyable. Dave tries to reason with Jay. Can Dave finally bring Jay around to like a cult film? Time will tell.

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February 21st, 2018    

Super Movie Bros: Black Panther Premium Review


It's been a while since Jay and Dave have sat down to do do a full review for a film. So for that reason this is an extra large sized review. There will be no full episode this week. Jay and Dave will return next week with Ep 85, in which Jay reviews Akira. 

Jay discuss all the things that they enjoyed about Black Panther, what they didn't enjoy, its larger place in the MCU, and discuss whether Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) is the best MCU baddie yet. And of course they give their movie grade.

In a special Trailer Park!!! Dave and Jay go in depth on Ant-Man and The Wasp and wonder what working inside an incredible shirking building would be like and if you could eat pez from that Hello Kitty dispencer in the trailer. Plus can they make us fall in love with Michelle Pfeiffer again through de-aging tech.

And Finally Jay and Dave go full spoiler on Black Panther and talk about the film in greater detail and speculate on the weight this adds to the Avengers: Infinity War. 

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February 17th, 2018    

Super Movie Bros Ep 84: The Chocolat Road Warrior


Jay jams out to sensual music in his car alone on his day off. Dave and his daughter have an adventure at the aquarium. 

Jay discuss two indie films Mommy and The Flordia Project. Dave discusses two horror films The Ritual and The Girl With All the Gifts. 

In Trailer Park we talk about the Venom and Deadpool 2 trailers that have recently dropped.

a Superbad craft beer segment. Christina has been pissed at Jay for not liking her beers so this week she gets payback on him.

In Movie Homework Dave is reminded that Johnny Depp was once extremely attractive and Jay understands why The Road Warrior is so beloved, but still isn't in love with it. 


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